François Ghiringhelli: Novel Biomarkers of response to checkpoint inhibitors and rational of chemoimmunotherapy combination

Dates de l'évènement : 15/03/2018 13:00
Organisateur : Daniel Olive
Lieu : IPC2
Catégorie : Séminaires externes

Centre Georges Francois Leclerc, Dijon



Checkpoints inhibitors are in the way to change cancer therapy. However such therapies are effective only in a subset of patients and biomarkers are unmet need. The future of immunotherapy evolve to combination of chemotherapies and immunotherapy. In this seminar we will show how to generate multidimential biomarker in a cohort of patients treated for a lung cancer by anti PD1 mAb. Then we will show how can we use chemotherapy to enhance the efficacy of immunotherapy in digestive cancer.



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