The CRCM Integrative Bioinformatics platform Cibi

The CRCM Integrative Bioinformatics platform Cibi develops its own tools and maintains an expertise on existing bioinformatics data analysis packages, which is required for the analysis of complex and large data sets. It offers a wide range of expertise ranging from high throughput biological data management, to multi-technology data integration, public repositories data mining (Gene Expression Omnibus, ArrayExpress) and genomics and proteomics data analysis. Its expertise in bioinformatics covers DNA array analysis, ChIP-Chip, Comprehensive Genomics Hybridization (CGH), SNPs, gene interaction networks (human interactome) and proteomics.

Specifically, it offers transcriptome-interactome integration and meta-analysis in the transcriptome (integrated analysis of multiple datasets), using a pipeline developed locally called ITI (Integration-Transcriptome Interactome), available either for unsupervised (version 1.0) or supervised analysis (version 2.0).

For data management, the platform has developed the database Djeen, (Database for Joomla!’s extensible engine). Djeen allows for multi technological data management (CGH-SNPs-DNA microarray, Chip-Chip arrays and Flow Cytometry data) and is specifically designed for clinical/experimental annotation in a high throughput manner.

Cibi offers collaborative and fee-for-service opportunities to help laboratories set up their own Djeen database, and design integrated and cross technological analysis.


Management & contact: Dr Ghislain Bidaut
Date of creation: 2008
Location: IPC
Staff (CRCM and others): 2 Engineers