The SMARTc platform, located at the school of pharmacy of Marseille and the La Timone University Hospital of Marseille, is a unique group dedicated to developing PK/PD models and decision algorithms to optimize combinational regimen in oncology.
The SMARTc platform is built around a group of mathematicians and modelers in PK, PK/PD and systems biology along with a scientific staff with fully equipped wet lab to perform experimental therapeutics in oncology with a strong focus on drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies (in vitro, in vivo) and state-of-the-art ISO15189 clinical pharmacokinetic laboratory to assay drugs in biological matrix, including biologics and immune check point inhibitors.
SMARTc’s expertise focus, but is not limited to, developing innovative tools using the latest advances in applied mathematics and phenomenological models to optimize the efficacy/toxicity balance of anticancer drugs, especially when used as part of combination therapies in refractory tumors.
This covers:

  • Developing biomarker-based dosing algorithms
  • Identifying new covariates impacting on pharmacokinetics variability and PK/PD relationships of anticancer agents
  • Developing innovative drug regimen driven by PK/PD modeling support
  • Developing model-informed strategies to optimize metronomic regimen
  • Developing model-informed design of nanoparticles to optimize the PK/PD relationships of anticancer agents
  • Developing tools to optimize new combination regimen such as immunotherapy-based combos
  • Developing tools for model-informed design of clinical trial.
  • Running phase I and phase I/II clinical trials in a FDA-approved, Iso15189 environment.