The oncogenomics platform

This platform allows the detection of alterations of the genome and/or of its expression in tumours for diagnosis purposes as well as for research purposes.

This allows a refined characterization of the tumour and the development of targeted therapies, which show reduced secondary effects and are less harmful to healthy tissues than standard therapies.

Genomic analyses are required for the development of personalized medicine: identifying the treatment which is most adapted to each patient and to each type and each sub-type of tumour.

The oncogenomics platform establishes genomic, gene expression and DNA methylation profiles of various cancers on human pan-genome 244k array CGH (Agilent Technologies, since 2006), U133 Plus 2.0 (Affymetrix), and promotor array (Agilent Technologies), respectively. Mutations are identified by Sanger DNA sequencing.

These facilities have benefited from strong support from local authorities through the Canceropôle PACA programs, French institutions for cancer research and for clinical research in collaborations with the AP-HM, and have allowed the analysis of large clinical series.


Management & contact: Dr Max Chaffanet, François Bertucci & Daniel Birnbaum
Date of creation: 2000
Location: IPC
Staff (CRCM and others): 5 MDs, 5 technicians, 1 engineer, 1 bioinformatician students (Master, PhD)

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The genomics GeneOnE platform

The genomics GeneOnE platform performs screens for constitutive onco-genetic risks (evaluation of genetic predispositions to development of endocrine tumours) (with financial support from INCa since 2003) and onco-somatic tests (assays for prognosis markers and for markers of sensitivity to treatment).

The platform essentially focuses on cancer genetics and endocrinology. This platform for tumour molecular typing is part of a network for onco-genetics in Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur (PACA).
It is a joint IPC-AP-HM (Hôpital de la Conception) structure.


Management & contact: Pr Hagay Sobol
Date of creation: 2006
Location: IPC
Staff (CRCM and others): 1 geneticist, 2 epidemiologists, 1 pharmacist, 2 biologists, 8 technicians, 4 administrative assistants, 1 project manager, 1 medico-technical supervisor, and 1 quality controller

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