19 teams dedicated to research

working in close collaboration with IPC's clinical teams

Their main scientific and medical specialties are 1) the molecular basis of oncogenesis and tumour dissemination and 2) the development of innovative therapeutic innovations for breast cancers, pancreatic cancer and malignant hemopathies.

19 internationally renown research teams affiliated with Inserm, CNRS and Aix-Marseille University

Our transversal and multidisciplinary approach of cancer research translates in our scientific projects exploring the fundamental bases of tumourigenesis from the molecular and functional point of view in integrated experimental models - oncogenes and tumour suppressors, signalling and cell polarity, regulation of the epigenome, genome instability, DNA replication repair, cellular stress, tumour-host interactions and anti-tumoural immunity –, and their applications in potential new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for the main pathologies of focus of the hospital.

The originality of the CRCM also lies in its capacity to address major clinical issues (resistance to treatment, prognostic prediction, anti-metastasis strategies…) thanks to our interactive translational and clinical programmes which bring together medical doctors, pharmacists and scientists.

Our research areas